short skirts or skirt shorts?




This outfit is one of my new favorites for summer. It’s super casual and easy to wear literally anywhere. PLUS the shorts look like a skirt (a very short one…but a skirt nonetheless) so I get the look of a skirt but they are actually shorts so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone. These shorts, I recently bought, are from an online store I recently discovered called Pretty much everything is insanely cheap, which is great if you are like me and you have a reaaaalllllyyyy low budget. This is honestly my new favorite store and I have been receiving an endless stream of packages ever since Charlotte introduced me.

This white cropped t-shirt is from urban outfitters. It’s a really basic white cotton tee, which I probably could’ve gotten at like target for a lot cheaper, but I will tag it anyway incase you want to know. I actually got the shirt for my birthday 🙂 It’s super comfortable and really really soft. It’s also super basic so I can wear it with anything.

The shoes are just some white vans (that are actually Charlotte’s but I stole them). My sunglasses are some brown cat eye’s from vogue. I got these several years back (when I was wayyy to young to be wearing vogue) for Christmas. At the time I actually didn’t like them much but I honestly think it was because they were so huge on my tiny face, when I first got them. Now that I have grown into them and that cat eye is a really big trend right now I really love them. I linked some very similar sunglasses but just know that it isn’t exact because I got mine a while ago.

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Jayla ❤


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