about us

IMG_3052                       IMG_3039                                      (Jayla, 15)                                                            (Charlotte, 15)

Hey!! Welcome to our blog! Our names are Jayla and Charlotte. We are both sophomores in high school, living in California. We have been best friends for a pretty long time, and we basically do everything together, so why not add blogging to the list? We really love taking photos, doing our makeup, cooking and basically everything else that a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog consists of so… we created a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog!

We created this blog not only for ourselves but really all teenagers our age. We know that with school and all the drama that comes with it life can be tough and not many people understand that.  Hopefully this blog can help you get through your years at school. We will keep you updated on all the latest fashion trends (while not breaking the bank, because we know that not everyone can afford the $200 shoes all the youtubers and other bloggers wear), give you great makeup tips (we are young, we really don’t need THAT much makeup, but we can show you that a little really does go a long way), share some great recipes (that are healthy, so you can stop counting calories), and many other things.

We love to hear from you guys and interact so feel free to comment on our posts and follow us on Instagram @letsdresstobless

Business or collaboration Inquiries: letsdresstobless@gmail.com


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