my wcw: pia mia

I know it been like a month since we have posted and I know it’s not Wednesday, nevertheless I am sorry about the lack of posts and I am sorry that my post doesn’t actually correspond with the correct day of the week.

Recently-aka for the past hour- I have been obsessing over Pia Mia, and since Charlotte doesn’t want to hear me rant about her then I figured I could just write a post about it!! PERKS OF HAVING A BLOG

Okay, to be totally honest, I don’t know THAT much about Pia Mia, I only know what her wikipedia page says about her and what I have read about her in magazines. But can I just start by saying she is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t be the only one that thinks that..She is drop dead gorgeous and I am in love with her signature look- red bandana and red lips. It suits her so well and no one can rock it like her. 

She has this badass vibe about her that I am in love with. In all of her music videos its her, looking gorgeous as hell, surrounded by guys, and she’s like dancing and she just looks so sexy and so badass, it’s great.

I also think that Pia Mia is truly talented, I really like all of her songs and her voice. I know it may not be everyones style but I have been loving her remake of “Do it Again” by J Boog and “Mr. President” is one of my favorites as well.

In short, I love Pia Mia. I guess I really only know the physical stuff about her but I mean… that’s okay right? I should probably find out if she is like a horrible person that likes killing puppies in her free time before I go around saying I love her but whatever.

Anyway, so sorry about the lack of posts, we will get better.

Jayla ❤


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