3 ways to style a simple black dress


In this post I am going to show you three of my favorite ways to style my simple black dress. These are all semi fall inspired, so they are great transitional outfits, to wear while it’s still relatively warm out.




For this first outfit I paired my simple black dress from Brandy Melville  with this green army jacket I recently bought from Cotton On. I honestly cannot express how IN LOVE I am with this jacket!!!!! It is quite possibly the cutest thing I own and I got it on sale so it was cheaper than other jackets I’ve seen. Plus, it cinches at the waist with a little drawstring pull and IT’S JUST SO CUTE I’M OBSESSED. I had been wanting a green army jacket like this and now it is definitely my favorite fall staple. Aside from this amazing jacket I have on these dark grey knee highs from Urban Outfitters, and my favorite fall booties from Forever 21. Unfortunately, my shoes and socks I bought a while ago so you can’t actually purchase them anymore. For accessories I have on the rings I wear everyday and a charcoal grey feather necklace that Charlotte actually made for me a few years back.



For this next outfit I have on the same black dress (obviously) but this time I paired it with my absolute favorite maroon flannel from Forever 21. This is honestly one of the cheapest, and softest flannel I have ever bought. I literally wear it all the time and I love it, although I bought it like a year or two ago and they don’t sell it anymore. This outfit I just paired with my black hi-top converse, to go with the casual skater look. For accessories I am wearing the same necklace and rings from the last outfit lol.



IMG_6773For my last outfit I have the same dress (need I say it again?) paired with my moms 1000 year old jean jacket from Levi’s (so old that I can’t find a link). I actually don’t have a jean jacket of my own so I just borrow hers. For shoes, you can’t see them too well but I have on these really cute black booties from Nordstrom BP’s (these are actually my moms too..but I wear them more than she does). I linked a similar pair. Since this outfit is pretty basic I decided to pop on Charlotte’s red scarf for a pop of color (I linked one similar). I think the outfit is cute with out the scarf, but if it’s cold or you are looking to spruce it up a bit I think a scarf is a good choice.

Upon reflection, I realize that this entire last outfit is basically made up of things that aren’t mine…except for the dress, but even that was given to me by Charlotte because when she ordered it they sent her two.. I guess you could say I am a bit of a clothing bum, but I am a BUM AND PROUD!

I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to like comment and follow!

Bummin’ for life,

Jayla ❤


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