3 ways to style a simple black dress


In this post I am going to show you three of my favorite ways to style my simple black dress. These are all semi fall inspired, so they are great transitional outfits, to wear while it’s still relatively warm out.

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california fall


As you may know, California tends to have a bit of a different definition of the fall season than most other parts of the U.S., so I decided to come up with an outfit that would be perfect for the upcoming season’s weather here in Cali.

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get the look: the jenner sisters

I made a great photo by PhotoCollage!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m online shopping obsessed. Naturally, I thought a post like this would be cool and who better to start with than the famous fashion icons, the Jenner sisters. With their perpetually impressive outfits and daily ability to walk a runway in seconds,¬†who wouldn’t want to steal some fashion inspiration from them? Keep reading to find links that will help you achieve these outfits in no time and without the cry-worthy cost.

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back to school essentials


I know we are all moaning right now at the thought of going back to school so I just wanted to take a moment and say: I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Sure, the first day is exciting but after that you have to deal with the annoying people you were avoiding all summer and start studying for tests and ughhh. Honestly, I really wish I loved school, so if you do then wow, I applaud you. Anyway, I thought it may be cool to share some of my back to school essentials because, for me, they make the days a little less painful.

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