back to school essentials


I know we are all moaning right now at the thought of going back to school so I just wanted to take a moment and say: I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Sure, the first day is exciting but after that you have to deal with the annoying people you were avoiding all summer and start studying for tests and ughhh. Honestly, I really wish I loved school, so if you do then wow, I applaud you. Anyway, I thought it may be cool to share some of my back to school essentials because, for me, they make the days a little less painful.


The first and possibly the most important thing that I need at school is a planner. I have no clue what I would do without one. I basically write down all of my assignments, due dates, tests, quizzes, and anything important and school related. If you don’t have a planner I REALLY recommend it, it really helps you stay organized and on top of your stuff. This planner I literally bought today at target, its the Mead, Cambridge brand and its a really light pastel blue and I think its really adorable. (for some reason I can’t find it online but I literally dug through the trash to find the sticker so I could tell you the name, hopefully that helps)SAM_2236

The next things I have are my phone, I have an iPhone 6, my headphones (just the apple brand) and a portable charger. HOLY MOLY this portable charger honestly changed my entire life. I take back what I said earlier, this charger is definitely most important. I bought this one by the brand Anker on Amazon for 10 bucks. I also bought the little four inch charger cord but if you already have one you obviously don’t need to buy the cord. This charger is capable of recharging my phone one and a half times and it just has a USB plug so it works for any phone or tablet as long as you have the appropriate cord. This thing is a life saver because any iPhone user knows that the battery life freakin’ sucks.


This next essential is crucial to your day at school. Gum is a must have. In fact, I’m so gum crazy that I bought 15 packs of trident on Amazon, I don’t know whats wrong with me but I can safely say that I do not in any way regret my purchase. A little tip to avoid the gum stealing hooligans that every school seems to be infested with, always keep an empty pack of gum in your bag so when they ask for a piece you can just show them the empty pack and say you are all out.


I really hope this next essential is in everyones bag because nothing is more embarrassing than knowing you smell bad and I wouldn’t wish that kind of torture on anybody. I really recommend always having a deodorant in your bag. I think that you should go with the gel kind or the deodorant spray (what I have pictured above) because, at least for me, the normal deodorants ALWAYS crumble. Also what I should have in my bag, but at the moment I am all out, is a good perfume or body mist. I really love the mists from bath and body works but they tend to not last long so you can always go with a nice rollerball perfume as well.


Next, my makeup essentials. I really don’t wear that much makeup, but these are the really basic essentials I like to have on me at all times. I have my Sephora compact mirror, my Covergirl Clean powder, my mini travel sized Ecotools brush, my Maybelline Fit Me concealer and my Maybelline, The Rocket mascara and lastly my Nivea lip balm.


Finally, the last things I carry in my bag is food. I really love these Nature Valley granola bars. They are sooo good and a good healthy snack to keep you energized throughout the day.

These are the most important things (aside from regular school supplies of course, teachers consider those pretty important) I carry in my backpack and they really help make the day a lot better.

In spirit of the back to school season I am thinking of doing a few more posts relating to school, let me know in the comments what you like to see. Even though some of you may have started school already I still want to do a few posts relating to back to school.

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Jayla ❤


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