a peek in jayla’s bag


I recently bought this new bag and at the moment it is really organized and filled with all my essentials so I figured while it was all neat and tidy I could give you all a taste of what I carry around.


I recently bought this black bag from shein.com. I really love it. It looks like it could be an expensive bag but I am not trying to spend $300+ on a bag. At my age it just really isn’t necessary. Instead, I went on shein.com and I found this one for $36.75 (the price has gone up slightly since). It has a hand strap and a shoulder strap making it extremely convenient.


The first things I have in my bag are pretty typical. My phone, I have an iPhone 6, and of course my headphones (I never leave the house without those babies). I also have a lens set for my phone. It basically has three different lenses (fisheye, macro and wide angle) and a clip on piece so it attaches to either the back or front camera on my phone and it makes my photos look really cool. You can get these types of lenses a lot of places, I am pretty sure urban outfitters sells some, but I got mine for cheaper on Amazon.


Next I have my really beat up wallet, by Kenneth Cole. My mom gave this to me years ago, after she received it as a gift (pink isn’t really her style) and I gladly accepted. However, I got this so long ago that you can’t buy it anymore. I also have my keys of course, but only to my house. Sadly, not a car. I’m merely a child, not old enough to drive. Speaking of which, today I got one step closer to actually getting my license, I got my permit!!


Next I have an obvious summer essential, sunglasses. This pair, mentioned in my last post, are ones I have had for a while, gifted to me on Christmas a few years ago.


This cute little bag is actually my moms. I use it to carry all of my supplies for that time of the month so I’m always prepared for myself or a friend.


This next thing is sort of random, it’s clorox wipes. I got the tiny travel size and its perfect for my bag. I am just a really messy person while also a germaphobe (really not a good combo) so I need these with me at all times.


The next two things probably seem weird unless you’ve had or have braces. My rubber bands (honestly the worst, most painful things in the world) and my wax (for when my braces decide to shred my mouth apart). Leave a comment if you can relate, I wanna talk to my fellow brace-faces.


Next I have a book, and while I do love reading for pleasure this is actually for summer reading at my school. I have been carrying it around hoping that I would end up somewhere with nothing to do so I would be forced to read. Seeing as I still haven’t started it, I guess you could say I haven’t had much luck with that method…


Lastly, I have all the beauty products that I keep in my bag. I really try and keep it to a minimum, because I don’t wear much and I rarely re-apply mascara or powder throughout the day. I have my Sephora compact mirror, my Maybelline The Elixir lip gloss in Mauve Mystique, I have my EOS lip balm, my Nivea lip balm (you can never have too much chapstick), my Mally lip gloss in Must Have Pink, my Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle and lastly, my Maybelline Line Express eyeliner pencil in black.


That is all of the stuff I keep in my bag! Comment down below if you have some of the same things in your bag!

Jayla ❤


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